What’s Become of Justin Bieber?

Ghana's Christian News

First it was the photos at a brothel in Brazil. And now photos after getting bailed out of jail in Miami. What could possibly be next for the one they call Justin Bieber?

This young man isn’t the first pop star to be arrested on charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest. And he certainly won’t be the last. At just 19 years of age, Bieber is experiencing the same desires many teenagers and college students across the country dive into on a weekly basis. The thrill of the party life is never fully satisfied by partying. The more you party, the deeper you are driven into that lifestyle.

It’s not rocket science. Drugs and alcohol tend to be addictive. Sexual encounters outside of marriage feed the flesh, but not the spirit. And fame in America makes it next to impossible for “the average celebrity” to walk closely with Christ.



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